Friday, April 14, 2017

Stand Up for Good and the Devil Will Never Win!

Stand Up for Good and the Devil Will Never Win!


Today, Let Us Breathe Deeply and Exhale Slowly Ten Times.

As we reflect on the United States and World around us, it is evident that many people are choosing their fears, especially  those people in the White House. 

It would appear that the devil has infiltrated the minds and hearts of many in our nation. 

They Say they are Christians and yet during Holy Week, We the Citizens are being   bombarded with fake news and lies, as the so called leader of OUR NATION authorizes murderous acts in the name of fighting terror. 

We MUST Stand Up and Say Stop the Violence, the Killing and the Bombing without the Support  of the American People and Congressional Authorization.

Stand Up and Say Stop Lying to the American People and the World!

I Urge You to Rise Above fear and Choose Integrity, Hope, Kindness and Love.

Be a Nurturer of Good Purpose.  Embrace Good Dreams for Yourself and Humanity.

Yes, these are challenging, times and it appears that the devil of hate is winning.

Hate Will Never Win If We Will Stand Up For Equity, Equanimity, Equality for All People and Love.

Now is the time for us to take Consistent Nonviolent Loving Actions and Raise Our Voices.

Don't Give Up. Stand Up! 

If You Believe In Diplomacy, Stand Up!

If You Believe In Immigration Reform, Stand Up.

If You Believe In Justice and In Prison Reform, Stand Up.

If You Believe In Better Education and Safe Communities for Our Children, Stand Up.

If You Believe that Discrimination Against Others Is Wrong, Stand Up.

If You Believe In Supporting Those In Need, Creating Jobs, and Prosperity for All, Stand Up.

Again, Breathe Deeply and Exhale Slowly Ten Times.

We Are Artists, Actors, Activists, Teachers, Veterans, Diplomats, Bus Drivers, Doctors and Nurses, Police and Peacemakers, Immigrants, Construction Workers, Customer Service Reps, Secretaries, Sanitation Engineers, Homemakers, Geologists, Physicists, Scientists, Clergy, Landscapers, Corporate Leaders, Caretakers, Producers, Mayors, Governors, Congressional Representatives, Senators, Legislators, Judges, Business Owners, Government Workers, Students, Parents, Grandparents, Dentist, Lawyers, Technology and Finance Specialists.

We Are Good People Everywhere.

We, the Citizens Are the Storm of Love! 

We Will Not Give Up.  Stand Up.

Let Us Raise Our Voices.

Filibuster, Sit In, March Peacefully, Write, Perform, Sing and Work Together With Good Purpose for Good Dreams and Good Change!

And Because We Are the Love Storm,  the devil of hate Will Never Win!

Always, Melony

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Creativity, Forgiveness, Hope, Integrity, Kindness, Mercy, Respect, Understanding and--- The Grace of Love!

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