Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Deciding to Love More!


The Sun has not yet risen but the birds are singing of peace in the early morning dawn.  The cool breeze is like the breath of life dancing, awakening the palm trees.  I Breathe Deeply in the stiilness of each moment.

8 Times I Breathe in the air of gentle salt as the waters from the ocean tide that beckons me in the song of Love More.  I exhale deeply with each breath. HAAAAAAAAA.  The breath becomes like a rocket of gratitude that shoots through my heart and gives me the courage to feel the spirit of peace.  I Breathe in and out.  HAAAAAAAA.

I sit and watch the as the sunshine pours through the hearts of  Mothers and Fathers rising to prepare for the sons and daughters,  the grandmothers and grandfathers, the aunts and uncles, the cousins and strangers who will become friends and act as godmothers and godfathers to All Earth's Children of Love.

It takes moxie  to Breathe and Awaken; to decide to Love More.  Together we gather and sing and Pray.  We honor our Ancestors and become the rainbow tribe of Hope. Together we Breathe. HAAAAAAAA.

With each breath we breathe and believe, we are given the understanding of truth and the gift of compassion as we Love More.

 We Breathe in JOY! We Exhale JOY!  HAAAAAAAAAAAA!  We Learn to Live and Love More!

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