Monday, July 21, 2014

May Diplomacy Bring Hope!


In Deep Reflection, I must face no one but Myself.  I Breathe In Love Deeply Four Times.  As I Breathe, I Exhale Fear of the Other and Our Country's need for control.

All violent thoughts and actions, envy and greed or guns and wars said to bring Peace are based in Evil. 

I pray for All Lost in the mire of violence and war.  I pray for the Innocent.

I Breathe Deeply and Exhale Ten Times.

 May Diplomacy bring Hope.  No matter what goes on in the World, I have a responsibility to live with humility in Truth Inspired by Love.

Only then through the Creator's Blessings of Love am I able to see the Earth, the Sky, the Oceans, the Dolphins and Trees and Birds and Flowers and All Sentients as purposeful and interconnected in Love.

Only now as I Breathe Deeply In Love Ten Times,  in many intervals, do I feel Hopeful in a World where much of Humanity is struggling to restore itself though Love.  
May we learn to always embrace the path of Diplomacy with Compassion, Patience and Love.

I Breathe Deeply and Pray!

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