Monday, July 28, 2014

Journey of Faith


Beyond  knowledge is the hope that my Faith is strong enough to face the feared and  unknown.  "How will I walk?",  I ask myself. 

I  clear my mind, sit in the quiet and Breathe Deeply Ten Times.   I Breathe In Love.  I Exhale Fear.

The answer comes from the whispers of my  heart.  "First  you must have the strength and courage to Trust. Then  as Truth is revealed, you must face your fears and  offer Kindness even to the one you perceive as your enemy. 

When you are able to transform your hate into  Love with forgiveness, then you will grow in understanding. 

Every  change or answer you seek can be found in your ability to give up control and  walk the path of the unknowing.  It  is always through the  Journey of Faith  that we come to know Everlasting LOVE."

I Listen Deeply to the Whispers In My Heart.   I Breathe In Love.  I Exhale Love.

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