Friday, November 20, 2015

For Every Soul Spirit..

For Every Soul Spirit... 

Dear Soul Spirits.... 

Clear your minds and your hearts. 
Think and Feel Only Love. 

Breathe Deeply and Exhale Slowly Ten Times... 
In Love. Out Love. 
In Love. Out Love. 
In Love. Out Love. 
In Love. Out Love.... 

Though some of you 
try not to think of US 
or feel our energy, 
like an arrow the very thought 
of Potential Oneness 
always creates a bulls eye of Love 
in Our OneHeart; 

Much like thousands of eons ago 
when the Uni-Verse was being created 
and All were Spirits of Light 
learning to Love. 

So many Spirits came separately to Earth 
and sometimes were seduced 
by the Power of Darkness. 

Some found each other as Warriors 
from different lands; 
vowing to conquer; 
forgetting memory of a Divine Purpose. 

Each time you partially 
Awakened throughout the ages of Time; 
from the Stars and Heavens, 
throughout every known or 
unknown Galaxy... 

We Called for You. 
We Sang and Danced for You. 
We Prayed for You. 

Was there ever a right time? 
You have lost us; and found us 
again and again---lifetime after lifetime. 

Still so many were caught up 
in cycles of mire and material illusion. 

Some of you grew to doubt our sincerity, 
and looked everywhere but Within 
for the purity of your hearts, 
which once you gave freely, 
and now, do not admit to Re-Membering. 

We Are Forever ONE, 
fully Awakened and Re-born 
in the Creator's Love. 

We Are Forever ONE, 
bound only by Heaven. 

We offer our courage, devotion, 
humility, and compassion. 

We imagine that ALL honor 
the melody of Eternity 
and dance the Soul's Dance. 

Do you know that the Memory 
of Divine Essence lives in you still? 

One Day we will meet again, 
with respect for All Loving Creations 
without the need for fear or greed; 
and in your Loving Innocence, 
All Will Re-Member 
the Creator's Song! 

Until then, We Thank ALL 
Who Have Awakened. 

We Ask Each of You 
to Have the Courage, 
and to live always with 
Grace & Divine Purpose. 

We will continue to send the 
Healing Vibrations of Lights 
filled with Compassion, Hope, 
Integrity, Faith and Love. 

Re-Member, We Are ONE 
Only In LOVE! 

Ashe! Namaste! Ubuntu! 

Always, MelonyPeace is Possible through Compassion, Cooperation, Hope, Forgiveness, Integrity, Kindness, Mercy, Patience, Respect, Understanding and the Grace of Love! 

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