Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oasis of Possibility!

Oasis of Possibility!

Through the rains of change and sand storms of growth I have traveled through my mind and entered the Uni-Verse of my heart in search of my Good Purpose.  

With Faith,  my dear friends Integrity and Intuition have led me through many deserts of mystery until we arrived at the Oasis of Possibility.  

Through this experience, I have learned also to take the hands of my friends, Trust and Courage.  

Today I Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  

I Inhale Patience.  I Exhale a Desire for Good Purpose and Truth.  

I Breathe and Breathe.   I ask my dear friends Integrity, Intuition,Trust and Courage to join me.  

Together we offer hopeful Prayers of Gratitude.  

With Patience, we prepare to journey once again to the Oasis of Possibility!  
First, We Breathe!

Always, Melony 

Peace Is Possible through Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Creativity, Deep Listening, Faith, Forgiveness, Good Purpose, Hope, Integrity, Kindness, Mercy, Patience, Respect, Understanding and the Gift of Love! 

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