Saturday, June 24, 2017

Visiting Scent Elate and Embracing #GeniusIsCommon

Embracing #GeniusIsCommon

Beautiful People,

I stopped by  My Favorite Holy Place in NYC called Scent Elate but I call it Mo's Place. Mo is a good friend I've known for many, many years.

In fact the dress I wear on the cover of my book The Healing Adagio is a dress that Mo's Precious Mother Gave Me!

And you can get your copy of The Healing Adagio at Scent Elate just like Katheryne  Gutierrez did!

Mo is also a writer and filmmaker who loves the concept of #GeniusIsCommon.   Bruce George he asked to purchase both a Black Shirt and a White Shirt and will do a video once he has his shirt! Smile!

Stop by Scent Elate at 313 West 48th St. btw 8th and 9th Ave in NYC.

Scent Elate is beautiful small healing shop with special small and large mystical gifts like dreamcatchers, handmade candles, incense, jewelry, handmade scarves, world music, lamp berger and so much more!!!!

Scent Elate is open 11am to 7pm. Monday - Sunday

Blessings of Love, Light and JOY! 

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