Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Touching Tribute for Melony #GeniusIsCommon

Touching Tribute for Melony! #GeniusIsCommon

If You Are Planning a Trip to Senegal You Must Connect with Yoro Sow!

Senegal Educator, Guide and Translator, YORO SOW Graces Me with a Touching Tribute where the First Letter of Each Word Spells Out My Name and Reminds Me of My Good Purpose!  I Am Amazed and Humbled! 

Thank You Yoro Sow!  Always, Melony 

Melony Mc Gant

Meeting Melony has been so fun and so inspiring

Each one of her words is making you feel powerful

Love is what she is, what she feels, what she promotes

Open-hearted, friendly, her writings are full of wisdom

Neither Oprah nor Maya impressed me as much as she did

You will be fascinated by her commitment to World peace

Melony’s kind smile, amazing poems, and great advice

can move mountains, revive Hope, and strengthen Faith

Great and tireless advocate of social justice, loveable Sister

An Angel who will re-connect you with the whole universe

Never have I felt that proud and confident about myself

To you I say THANK YOU for making me feel very SPECIAL

Yoro Sow
Dakar – Senegal
(West Africa)
July 3, 2017

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