Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A May Love Note!

A May Love Note!

Beautiful People,

Can you imagine, it’s  already May?  Take a moment to let our  Mother Earth/Heart feel our Loving resolve to accept, respect, and nurture each other.

Breathe and Exhale Deeply Ten Times. 

Let Love be felt throughout every organ of the body, and let us open our total beings so that we become Love’s essence.

Now, let us honor the beauty of our entire sentient family including the birds, the dolphins, the  horses, the lions, the elephants and all sentients across the planet.

Let us rejoice as the clouds  burst with rain, and we feel the impact of  monumental oceans, rivers and mountains.

Let us Mourn and Honor All Those Precious Beings Who Have Been Lost  Due to Earth's Imbalance Through Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Human Violence or Illness.   We Hold All These Precious Beings Forever In Our Hearts and Know They Have Ascended Into the Heart of Love.

Right now feel Mother Earth’s  rejuvenation through flowers, fruits, vegetables, plants, trees, the sparkling sun, the glistening moon, twinkling stars, and the magical sky.

Right now let us forgive ourselves, and each other as we learn to release any vestiges of pain, and fear we have of each other.

Let us each take time to embrace goodness, then let us share it with each other. Let us diligently work to create  better  economic, educational, social, political and justice systems  so that Every Child can dream, achieve and live their Good Destiny.

Let us commit to work to cure dis-ease, create equity in every community and promote harmony.

Today we walk with Truth and Reconciliation. We honor our elders, and embrace our children. We acknowledge ALL as beings of Love, and strive for the best outcome in every situation.

We understand that we must always  move to honor the potential and joy of a Loving Peace on our planet.

Right now, as we Breathe Deeply and Exhale Slowly---Let us together imagine a World where all people, all religions, and cultural traditions embrace a Universal Consciousness of  Compassion, Kindness and Love.

We acknowledge that We Are One Heart, and through that One Heart each of us is able to develop a new awareness of Mother:

Reason for Love…

Always, Melony

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