Friday, May 19, 2017

Expansive Right Actions. ..

Expansive Right Actions...

When Evil and Greed  permeates Society, there is little time to sit on the sidelines and ponder the outcome of the wrong actions of others. 

We have time only to align our hearts with Love. 

Breathe Deeply and Exhale Slowly Six Times.

Breathe In Truth with Love and a Desire for Equity and Fairness.  

With Courage,  Breathe Out any Anger and Fear of the Other that lives in Your Heart.

Tell Greed he is not welcomed in the Compassionate home of Love! 

Stand up to Evil and Say No More! 

Today, Use Your Voice for Good!  

Lead Moment to Moment with Kindness and Expansive Right Actions that Heal and Bring New Hope to Humanity!

Re-Member, Peace Is Possible through Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Creativity, Deep Listening, Faith, Forgiveness, Good Purpose, Integrity, Joy, Kindness, Mercy, Patience, Respect, Understanding and the Gift of Love!

Always, Melony

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