Saturday, May 13, 2017

Good Purpose and Love Becomes YOU!

Good Purpose and Love Becomes YOU! 

Beautiful People,

Take a moment and still your mind and your heart.

Allow yourself to be embraced by the Great Mother's Love.

Re-Member What that Love FEELS Like.

Now with Love, Breathe Deeply and Exhale Slowly Ten Times.  

With Each Breath, Honor the Great Mother that Lives in YOU!

Today is a Wonderful  Day to Walk with Courage and Integrity!  

Offer Compassion and Kindness to Yourself and Others.

YOU Are the Dreamer and the Believer.

In All You Think, Say and Do, Shine Your Generous Light. 

Share Joy!

Re-Member, Good Purpose and Love Becomes YOU!

Always, Melony
Peace Is Possible through Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Creativity, Deep Listening, Faith, Forgiveness, Good Purpose, Hope, Integrity, Kindness, Mercy, Patience, Respect, Understanding and the Gift of Love!

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