Sunday, January 12, 2014

Life, Death and No Regret!


Beloved Radiant ONES--
Just as trees, flowers and all living things; we are all born from the Seed of Love. Even when our bodies are frail, our Hearts grow strong when nurtured with Love.

 Some of us stay here for many years, share wisdom with many others and learn great lessons.

Others stay only a short time but their Love guides and gives us courage, strength and new purpose. Through them we learn what it is to be happy even when we are very sad!

Joy comes when we learn to support and nurture eachother with compassion and share our special moments.

Hopefully we learn quickly to say what is in our hearts and to live with No Regret--- because sometimes we are asked to offer our tender goodbyes when we just became comfortable and said a loving hello!

And Yes, it is true-- Every beautiful flower will wilt and return to the Earth; and strong trees may fall in a storm and die; but the Roots of Love are Eternal and can remain and blossom in our minds and our hearts throughout Eternity in the Circle of Life and Love!

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