Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This is Earth School.


No matter the challenges and struggles,
we must find peace within our hearts
and walk with Loving tenderness.

This is Earth School.

Some come to learn, others to teach.
Some are warriors.
Others are peacemakers.
Some walk with great faith
and become personifications
of Loving hope.

Others are learning about the
material world and mistakenly
embrace greed and power.
They have forgotten Love.

No matter who we are, our time here
is finite but our Spiritual existence
is infinite and eternal.

While we are here we must honor
and celebrate eachother, Love eachother
and cherish eachother as beings
connected in Love.

Today honor family, friends and strangers.
Share compassion. Forgive with humilty.

Make Peace with All.

Our time to be here may be short
but in leaving we are never alone.

Those who return before us to Heaven,
our angel ancestors await us---
just as they live always in our hearts
and soar through the universe unlimited
or restricted by physical bodies assisting us.

G-d lives through them and through us.
There is nothing but Love.
Love is G-d in action. 

This is Earth School. 

Please re-member Love...

Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love.

Be Love...and Live Only
with Love  in your Hearts Today!

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