Sunday, January 26, 2014

Live With Grace!

 Beloveds----Live With Grace!

Thank you for your unique contributions to healing our planet. In these transitional times, it is important to feel connected to all that is, and to re-member that we are not alone.

The trees and other plant life that give us oxygen to breathe love, share joy. Birds and other animals bring us Divine messages and support. It is now that we too must ...
find joy within our hearts and share it with others.

I know from personal experience that sometimes our gifts may be rejected. Still as we give, GRACE moves through us and gives us courage to give again, and again with more LOVE.

For many of us, the day to day concerns of life are very challenging. Collectively, shadows of fear have gained an unusual strength, and are creating havoc on our glorious Earth=Heart. Conflict, confusion, unnatural violence, and lack of appreciation for each other have many of us, even global leaders living in a state of anxiety.

Some are wearing fear as a second skin and causing irreparable harm. Others of us are carrying the pain and hurt of rejection. We are all beings of LOVE. It is time to release our mental swords of fear. It is time to let go of past disappointments.

I ask each of you to release your personal cloaks of fear and pain into the universe. LET THEM GO NOW. As we are able to do this, JOY and innocence will move through us as a Rainbow of Grace.

Whether or not we are aware, there is a tiny doorway waiting for each of us to step through. It is here, in this small opening of eternal light that we can rediscover hope and align ourselves with our true nature and a Divine Spirit.

It is time for us to organize our lives with humility, compassion, loving kindness and creativity. Right now, we each have the opportunity to re-member our inherent wisdom.

We can use our intuition by magnifying the mustard seeds of LOVE. This will allow us to share our hope and courage so that we are able to have right words, and right actions for each personal, community or global situation.

Let us each re-commit to creating a world of equity, sustainability and peace. Let our individual joy and cooperation act as beacons of light to assist others in regaining hope and experiencing healing.

Let us each believe in our own inherent goodness without a shadow of a doubt! For as we believe it--- so it shall be.

It is within the miracle of LOVE that crystals reflect rainbows of JOY! Let us live in the moment with appreciation, faith and hope.

Let us sing songs of compassion, walk with kindness, understanding, and a dedicated spirit of LOVE.

(c) Rev. Melony McGant

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