Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Meditation and Self-Reflection

Beloved Radiant Ones---

When I shared all of the good intentions of my heart, a Wise Voice answered.

"These are all wonderful things that you are putting in your life's course.  They will require tons of time and energy.  I only ask that you not over task yourself and you include lots of time for meditation and self reflection."

Today I Breathe deeply Ten Times, In Patience, Out Love.  Each breath connecting me to the Creator's Heart.

With Gratitude, I carefully heed the words of the Wise One.  I commit to take more time for meditation and self-reflection!

 I Breathe In Patience and Out Love, I breathe again and again.  I reflect on this, and every moment of stillness that allows the Wise One's Grace to penetrate my heart!

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