Sunday, January 12, 2014

WELCOME HOME--A Message from The Master Creator


"Welcome to the Home of My Heart.  Come as you are, for I already know of secret disappointments.  I have been disappointed too, but many meals of humility have given me new hope for the good of your heart. 

Truth lives here.  All Fear will be transformed into Courage. 

Stay as long as you like.   There are many rooms of different cultures and pathways of faith to explore.  All are filled with everlasting Love. 

Compassion and Patience will prepare a daily feast of Forgiveness so that you let go of your pain, and heal. 

Mercy will visit in your dreams, and you will learn to  look forward and walk humbly into  All the  Pathways of Good.

Every day Joy will awaken you, so that your heart  is filled with the Truth of My Heart.

Welcome Home. I Am LOVE!  You Are Forever Welcomed in My Heart!",  said  the Master Creator!

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