Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I Believe In You!

                                      I Believe In You! 
Breathe Deeply and Exhale Slowly Six Times. 

Listen to the Voice that Says "I Believe In You!" 
“I Believe In You!” is both a whisper and a roar that awakens and inspires us to live with Integrity.
“I Believe In You!”. It is the Sun, the Moon and the Stars in Unity and Love together with the dolphins and whales and all the magnificent fish in the Ocean. 
"I Believe In You!". It is the Lullaby of Hope that Grandparents and Mothers and Fathers and Aunts and Uncles and Community Sing to Children. 
I Believe In You!". It is GRACE singing the Love Song of the Uni-Verse. 
Now Breathe Deeply Four Times. Will you sing too?
I Believe In YOU!  I Believe In YOU! 
I Believe In YOU! I Believe In YOU!
Always, Melony

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