Monday, June 6, 2016

While I Am Here--Remembering Muhammad Ali

While I Am Here: Remembering Muhammad Ali
The Ascension of Muhammad Ali Has Touched Our Hearts In a Beautiful and Profound Way.
His Many Contributions Helped Changed Our World.
His Integrity and Truth Brought Light to the Inequity and Injustice of Our World.
Muhammad Ali Said No to Inequity, Inequality and Injustice. Many of Us Turned Against Him. But Some Stood With Him In Love.
He Was An Avid Peacemaker and Even Though He Had Parkinson's He Stlll Continued to Live a Life of Integrity.
We Embraced Him As "The Greatest" Now Let Us Commit to Live As He Lived.
Muhammad Ali, Thank You for Your Life of Grace. It Was Difficult, I Know.
I Imagine You Said These Words of the Heart...I Know You Were An Earth Angel Who Lived These Words. I Will Live The Word of Love While I Am Here!
While I Am Here...
While I Am Here, I want to live just in this moment with a smile of Love and if pain and sorrow come, I want to embrace my tears and let my heart heal of all the wounds I will have only just discovered.
Even then, I want to give the gifts of hope and Love that forever fill my heart.
While I am here, I want to breathe deeply and be inspired by learning mercy, and forgiveness as I Dream a World of Peaceful Prosperity for All.
And I know that in the twilight of my life, one day I will bid you bye for now and dance across the ocean waves before I walk on clouds, and join the many before me who sing and dance with a Heavenly Glow.
While I Am Here, I Want to Live and Love...

Cedric Turner, This Is For You and the Other Family of Muhammad Ali, The Greatest, and For the Entire World!
Rev. Melony McGant

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