Friday, June 10, 2016

YES, We Rise By Lifting Others! VOTING IS POWER!

YES, We Rise By Lifting Others! VOTING IS POWER!

Today, Please Join Me In Offering Prayers of Kindness and Gratitude, Kindness, Gratitude!

Dear President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and ALL:

I haven't said much about this Presidential Campaign but have been Praying for More Civility and Peaceful Conversations.

On the Democratic side, no matter who we support, we live together in times of economic peril, social injustices and racial paralyzation, AND WAR. Superior Affordable Education, Healthcare, Equity and Opportunity for All Our Citizens Should Be the Conversation. We Need Massive Reform In Our Prison System and Our Political Process.

Bernie Sanders Supporters feel that HE is addressing many of these concerns. Hillary Clinton Supporters feel that SHE is addressing many of these concerns.

The Truth Is, We Have A Long Way To Go. We All Must Stand Together And Not Just Talk The Talk But Walk The Walk.

On the Democratic side, the candidate we choose to be our Next President must be willing to listen deeply to the voices of the people and truly be willing to address the changes needed in campaign reform so that we become a Country "OF THE PEOPLE", Committed to Economic Equity, Social Inclusion, Support for Our Veterans and Peaceful Power Sharing.

There is nothing wrong with Bernie Sanders continuing to run in the Primaries. As President Obama said "He Has Earned That Right!" Let the Voices of People Who Haven't Yet Voted Be Heard.
And Then Let Us Come Together With Respect and Work To Secure the White House.

Moving Forward, "The Presumptive Candidate" Hillary Clinton Must Humbly Ask for the Support of All Voters. We Deserve That.

No Matter Who We Support, We Must Be Respectful of Eachother!

We Must Have Gratitude, Courage, Integrity, Understanding. We Must Be Willing to Offer Forgiveness and Compassion.

And We Must Share The Power! This Is The Way to Heal Our Broken Hearts.

Let Us Build Better Bridges of Cooperation and Work Harder to Promote Peace for Our Children!

YES, We Rise By Lifting Others! VOTING IS POWER!

I Would Be Honored to Know Your Thoughts!

Always, Melony

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