Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Spirit Rambling: The Grace of Love!

Spirit Ramblings: The Grace of Love!
My heart dreams often…
looking into the eyes of strangers
seeing Love, feeling Love.

For they are not strange to me.
Often it is a brother or sister,
maybe even a mother, a father
or a dear friend from a past life.

I wonder do they know me too
or are my soul ramblings vivid only to myself?

My thoughts are so intense,
viewing yesterdays and tomorrows
as if they are today.

The concept of time escapes me.
But come let us travel
around the galaxy and share joy.

Our hearts know no limitations
for we can be One with the Divine through Love.

‘And what is Love?’  You ask.

Love is a rainbow
or a smile glistening like a star at night.

Love is a storm
readjusting & cleansing the earth
so that plants will grow
and we may feel
even the sizzle of an ant and know bliss.

Love is opening your heart
and feeling the wisdom of an oak tree
or the magical transformation
of a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Love is walking along the shore,
your feet gently nestled in the sand
with ocean water caressing your legs
and the smell of a salt breeze kissing your face
as you watch the sun set
or the moon rise
and ponder swimming with the dolphins.

Love is  believing that ALL people
are gifts from the Divine
and knowing that each of us
is related and interconnected
with every other sentient being.

Love is everything, everywhere.
Love is co-creating with the Divine.
‘How do we co-create?’  You ask.

Imagine that when your fingers
tingle for no apparent reason
that That is the Divine teaching you,
helping you to understand what it is like
when a flower blooms.

Or perhaps when you experience
unexplainable tears of joy,
your heart is opening,
expanding like a womb
when a baby is being born.

And so on some level,
you too understand the bliss of motherhood.

You smile.  That is good.
My spirit ramblings have often
brought me much laughter.

Laughter can release fear
and helps us understand one another.

Laughter is for me a desire for Grace.
A desire to reconnect with other souls.

My heart feels many thoughts around me.
Some are asking…
‘How can we co-create the bliss of Love?’
‘It is not possible.’  You say.

Here is a question for You…
If it is possible to feel my heart beat
“boom ba ba ba boom ba boom ba ba ba boom”,
is it because you remember Love
or is it the fear that one you hold dear
will leave again?

Do not answer, but muse in your heart.
Remember, it is time to Forgive.
Time only to Love.

Now come, let us travel together
on our Soul Journey back to the Divine.

Always, Melony
Peace Is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Integrity, Kindness, Mercy, Respect, Understanding and Love! 

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