Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Completing the Kwanzaa Circle---Day 7. Embracing IMANI the Swahili word for Faith!

Beloved Radiant ONES---
 I Breathe Deeply Five Times. With each slow breath I look to the four directions, East, West, North, South, and bow in Appreciation and Gratitude for Our Mother Earth-Heart and All Her Creations.   
On the Fifth Breath, I Raise my hands above my head and then bringing them out beside me, I turn slowly in a complete circle. 
It is said that Love with Wisdom allows complete loyalty, transformation and trust.  
I Breathe Deeply  In and Out Five More Times, and turn until Only Faith envelops my Heart. 
Patience holds my hand as birds of Intuition guide me through the winds of change. 
I learn to Fly  and become One With the Master Creator through Love.
Because I have chosen to embrace the Swahili concept of IMANI; Faith nurtures, supports and sustains me.
Now  I will step into the New Year with Love and Wisdom. 
I Wish You All a Blessed, Compassionate, Loving and Prosperous New Year 2014!

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