Monday, February 17, 2014

Behold Many Miracles


If you are brave enough
to plant a garden
within your heart;

then you must make
the commitment to nurture it
throughout all the seasons
of your life.

In the garden of your lives,
the sun will shine always
through your smiles
but there may be winters
of doubt and loneliness.

The many clouds and rainstorms
will be your tears
of disappointment, and dismay
mixed with the joy
of knowing Love.

As your children are born,
the air will bring you oxygen,
new purpose,
and whispers of understanding.

Spring buds and blossoming trees
will be filled your humility,
as you celebrate Being Born Again...

There will be joyful summers
of compassion as your willingness
to forgive allows for deep healing.

Time and time again
you will harvest the fruit of Love
and acquire a propensity of Faith
that nurtures you and many others.

And throughout Eternity
with Divine Grace, you will continue
to plant new seeds of Hope.

These are the Miracles to behold
in a life of Love!

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