Saturday, February 15, 2014

Forever ONE


I Breathe and Exhale.  I Breathe Deeply Six Times and imagine that We Are One in Our Creator's Heart. 

I feel, and watch and listen to the Earth's Song.

A sun/son returns, a daughter dances, a mother sings, and a father cries. We Are One in Divine Love. 

As I imagine, slowly  I breathe and exhale.  I breathe and exhale. 

 The moon is blue. The clouds are purple. I am but a star joining all the other stars glistening and sparkling as we re-member our connection to the Uni-Verse. 

I breathe and exhale.  I feel and watch and listen.

Every Star is singing many songs; embraced and nurtured by Love.

We are Forever ONE in the Creator's Earth/Heart!  

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