Thursday, February 27, 2014

They Will Rise Up!


As people awaken in Love, they will rise up and be inspired by truth. We are One.  

The few who have taken the resources from the majority and are living in opulence will find that their reigns are being questioned.
People will take to the streets and protest with both dignity and frustration.  They will want a voice in their destiny. They will demand to be heard. 

People will want more for their children and begin to protest unfair social, political and economic practices that result in discrimination. They will no longer accept living in poverty.  

They will want their children to have education, and homes filled with a loving peace, and bright futures.  The majority of people will want new leaders with compassionate hearts.  This time has come.  

We must all pray for a positive, peaceful, non-violent resolve as we move into an era where more people want to create, live and thrive in diverse, democratic societies!  

Breathe Deeply Ten Times. In Love with Hope.  Out Integrity with Purpose!

Let us pray and vow to move forward with positive, Loving societal transitions with truth and re-conciliation and the sharing of resources and power!  We Are One Only In Love!

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