Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Live Your Words


The obsession of money, and firearms is an illusion of the lost mind teetering in Fear.

Money is no more than an exchange for goods and services and a resource to help educate, build beautiful, Loving communities and help those in need.

Firearms are deadly in the conversation of True Peace and a World Beyond War.

Humility, Consideration, Cooperation and Compassion are the eternal weapons offered by Spirit to nurture, heal and prosper together with Dignity and Respect.

When your Children ask you how to make the World better, tell them we must Use Our Gifts to develop a true willingness to Nurture Our Earth-Heart and Share our technology and resources with Humility, Consideration, Cooperation and Compassion.
Tell Children to Care For and Love One Another.  Do Harm to None.
Breathe Deeply Six Times.  In Love. Out Humility, Consideration, Cooperation and Compassion! 

Go Now--- And Live Your Words in Grace as Lovers and Peacemakers!

We will be more likely to Prosper Collectively when we decide that Compassion has meaning and is useful in Today's World!

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