Sunday, February 9, 2014

Song of a Sinner


Love was all around me everyday--
in the smiles of the children,
in the melody of a song,
in the dance of the trees blowing in the wind,
in the light of the moon,
in the warmth of the sun,
and even the roar of the ocean.

Love was before me everywhere.

But my ego needed control and in control,
I destroyed it all.

Then empty and alone, my heart became
broken and scattered throughout the Universe.

And in the emptiness of eons beyond time,
I was filled with the benevolent
mercy of our Creator.

It was then, beyond the desire
of my selfish ego that even me,
the worst of sinners
was forgiven and born again in Grace.

Having learned that lesson,
now I am able to offer Only Love.

Today I Re-Member. 
Deeply I Breathe.

I Breathe In Gratitude. 
I Breathe Out Hope.
Ten Times I Breathe.

Today I Re-member.

I Offer Only Love.

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