Sunday, February 2, 2014

How will you live the Answer?


All that I write has been said before.

It has been written in our Sacred Texts
and lived by the gentle Masters
who have come to guide us.

It is We, as a Collective that
must learn to take heed.

In the World today we are focusing
our resources and attention
on sustainining the desires
and materialist greed of the corrupt.

Too many billions of us are living
in poverty without adequate shelter,
education or healthcare.

Too many of us are becoming drunk
with idea of materialist success
and we listen to those
who incite fear and divide us.

Only Love will heal and unite us.

We are many people,
many cultures, many religions.

We must learn to respect eachother,
and to support those in need.

Our willingness to Love one another
and to want for others
what we want for ourselves
is the most important mandate
of the World today.

Will we learn to Share
and live together in Peace
with Respect and Love?

This is the Question.

How Will You Live the Answer?

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