Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Heaven On Earth


Come walk with me into

this magnificent valley
filled with greatness.

Smell the magnolias
and cherry blossoms.

Walk with me through
the daffodils and daisies.

Feel free to pick a rose
and know that it’s thorns
represent ages and ages
of Divine Wisdom.

Stop a moment.

Tenderly touch the dirt
of Our Earth
and know that it is Mother
to fruits, vegetables,
trees and flowers.

Living things.

As we move on in our discovery
select a rock or two along the way.

Cherish these rocks and know
that their firmness truly represents
the Will of the Divine.

Do you hear the lilt of the wind
and the birds chirping
in delight of our presence?

Look what a glorious waterfall.

Imagine yourself as a frog
jumping from a lily pad
and splashing into a clear pond.

Now gaze intently into the pool of life.
Permit our reflections to show merely Love.

For Love is the only weapon we need 
to conquer the fear in our hearts.

Will you allow me to take your hand?

May we always walk together
in Heaven on Earth---
feeling Divine Love?

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