Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Visioning: Electing A New President!

A Visioning: Electing A New President! 


The Election Journey was long, arduous and filled with disagreement. 

For the Dreamer, every step forward seemed to be wed with a setback. Some People said Her Hope was a foolish dream. 

Still Hope was a constant companion and brought New Inspiration for Girls and Women. 

Could the Democratic Society of the United States of America elect a Woman as President? 

As a past Senator and Secretary of State, the Dreamer was qualified said President Barack Obama. To elect Her, People Have to VOTE! 

She and People  Re-membered  to Breathe Deeply. 

In Gratitude and Hope. Out Gratitude and Hope. In Gratitude and Hope. Out Gratitude and Hope.

With each breath, Wisdom and Patience led the way.  Faith, Mercy and Integrity stayed with Her and People across the United States. 

For every harsh word, mis-understanding and hurt... Wisdom, Patience, Faith, Mercy and Integrity offered Spiritual Healing.

And the People Voted with Hearts of Hope and Good Possibility. 

And then in One Beautiful Moment, around the Country, election polls closed at 9pm. It took several hours to count the Votes.

People waited in anticipation. Would She Become the First Female President?

Knowing She and the People had Voted and done their Best, All were able to Breathe and Exhale deeply, with many breaths of Gratitude and Hope. 

And on November 8th, 2016,  We, the People of the  United States of America Elected Our First Female President!

As Madame President Elect, Hillary Clinton, the Dreamer felt True Compassion for Her Divided Country and Vowed to Work to Heal the Divide. 

She Spoke with Gratitude and Compassion in Her Heart.  Hillary Met Joy in Herself, and the Millions of Girls, Boys, Women and Men.

She and Vice President Elect Tim Kaine Are the Right People to Help Heal the Divide. 

We Need a Congress and Senate Who Will Work Together. Democrats and Republicans Must Work Together! 

 Like Most of Us, Madame President Elect Hillary Clinton and Vice President Elect Tim Kaine Believe that As a Nation, We Are Stronger Together! 

This Is a Visioning.  Let Us Make It A Reality By Choosing to VOTE! 

Please Show Our Children You Care for All People, All Races and Religions.  Teach Love. Vote for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine! 

We Are Stronger Together! 

Always, Melony 

Peace Is Possible through Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Creativity, Forgiveness, Hope, Integrity, Kindness, Mercy, Respect, Understanding and the Gift of Love!

Photo of Melony McGant by Peter Andrews

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