Friday, November 11, 2016

The Me I Long to Become!

The Me I Long to Become!

I honor the Master Creator's Gift of the Wind that clears my mind and opens my heart to the door of the me I long to be. 

I Breathe and Exhale Deeply Four Times.

All that I hope to become is found not externally but internally deep in the crevices of my heart. 

The Wind beckons me to have Courage,  Integrity and Strength as clears the path of obstacles and its breeze sings the song of Love to my soul. 

Like the lover who stands beside me holding my hand, the Wind propels me into the depth and radiance of Peace and unconditional Love.

Again I Breathe  and Exhale Deeply Four Times. 

I allow Hope and Understanding to pour into my heart.  

The Truth of my  Good Life Purpose lives within me.

I Stand In Truth with Peace and Love for Humanity.  

Always, I Will Sing the Love Songs of Equality, Equity, Freedom, Justice and Opportunity for All People! 

Love, in its Radiance provides me with Good Judgment and the Courage to Move Forward with the Integrity and Strength to Honor Our Human Collective and All Sentients.

No Matter the Conflict or Challenges On Earth, Each Second that I Breathe In Love and Exhale Love....

With Dignity,  I Become More of the Me I Long to Be!

Always, Melony 

Peace Is Possible through Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Creativity, Forgiveness, Integrity, Kindness, Mercy, Respect, Understanding and the Gift of Love!

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