Friday, November 22, 2013

A Desire to Prosper



Some of us like to prove that we are smarter, have more or know more. We consider ourselves successful by the cars we drive, the size of our homes or our job titles. All these things become ambiguous when there is no Love.

Most important in our lives is our willingness to create a World where All Our Children are well educated, safe, nurtured, and loved. When we honor and respect our elders and eachother, then our resources become gifts used to strengthen communities with kindness and cooperation.

With Clarity, I Breathe Deeply Four Times. If we are to truly prosper and live without fear, then we must come to understand that greed and selfishness are poisons that destroys hearts.

Again I Breathe Deeply Four Times. I am learning to walk as a vessel of hope; willing to build bridges of cooperation so that the World around me may prosper as we come to Know and Be Love.

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