Sunday, November 24, 2013


Today Joy moves through me as I learn
compassion and humility.

I am ONE with all sentient beings…
the sky, the clouds,
the sun the rain, the trees that sway and dance in the wind,
the birds that greet me in song.

I am One with the Spirit of Mother Theresa, Malcolm,
Martin, John, and Edward as well as Ruth, Isaac, Joshua,
Mary, Jesus, Khadeeja, Mohammed, Shams, Rumi,
Buddha, Kuan Yin and Sojourner Truth.

I am ONE with the woman suffering from breast cancer
and the man suffering and dying from lung cancer
and the woman in Afghanistan whose family was killed by a drone.

I am ONE with the homeless woman pushing the cart
with all her worldly possessions and warning us of
 our greed though we don’t often listen.

I am One with the Tibetan who was told by Chairman Mao
that religion is poison and the Palestinian wandering,
unable to return to his homeland.

I am One with the starving child of Dafur
and the Israeli settler with a gun in his hand.

I am One with every child born at this moment
and the great-grandparents who are taking
their last breath on this Earth Realm.

I am ONE with the artist struggling to show us the way
and the politician disgraced in shame.

I am ONE with those who have awakened in Love
and those filled with disappointment or fear.
Circumstances make no difference to me
for I embrace the journey and see the Divine
in those who may not see the Divine in themselves.

I am One with the President who needs more courage
to say stop the killing everywhere
and the Dalai Lama whom asks us to live in peace.

In my dreams the Buffalo Woman,
the morning dove and the golden hawk
guide me as my heart becomes filled
with ancient prayers of all traditions.
I am One with the caterpillar and the butterfly.

I am One with the Buddhist, the Christian, the Jew,
the Moslem, the Bahai, the Hindu, the Yoruba, the Janist,
the Naturalist, the One who doesn’t believe in God
and the One Lost in their material identity
and always needing more….

Today Joy moves through me as compassion, humility
and understanding become a way of life...
for in you I see the reflection of me
and knowthat through Love...

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