Thursday, November 14, 2013

Each Breath Is A Prayer


We know that throughout the United States, Haiti, India, Tibet, Africa, Greece, the Philippines and many other parts of Our World, People Are Suffering.  So why not open our hearts when our neighbors need our help? 

Today with Gratitude, may we open our hearts to neighbors everywhere.  May we offer our resources and good wishes  to the Ones in front of us.  May we look across the World and help where we can even if it is Only Our Prayers. 

In fact Prayers of Compassion, Healing and Love are the most important gift we can offer because it shifts thought patterns, opens the heart to Faith.  Prayer can inspire us to work together as the invisible doors of our hearts open to Grace. 

As we allow each Breath of Unselfish Love to become a Prayer, we become aware that Our Blessed Creator Lives through Us.  Therein lies the Miracle!  

Blessed Be YOU and Your Beautiful Heart!

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