Sunday, November 17, 2013

A New Day

On an early morning
not long ago
it seemed the Sky was painted
with whisperings of orange,
and red and yellow,
and green and purple.
Grey white Clouds
with tints of powder blue
formed a pathway
as the Moon began her journey
back into the Universe.
As she traveled
the Compassionate Moon
came upon the Sun
who greeted her with a gentle kiss
filled with understanding and love.
Thus with the joining of
Mother Moon and Father Sun
came the Breath of Divine Grace
and the Morning Star was born.
Far away
on planet Earth=Heart
trees rustled in the wind
with loving appreciation
and respect for the dawn
of a New Day.
And throughout the world
people of all cultures, religions and traditions
rose in Celebration
and Gave Thanks
for the Miracle of a New Day.
May A Loving Peace Reside In YOU!

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