Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Magnificent Garden of Love---Share with Your Children!! This Story needs an Illustrator!

The Magnificent Garden of Love
Share with Your Children!! This Story needs an Illustrator!

My Beloveds….

Once upon a time there was a special garden filled with trees and flowers. During the spring and summer ALL creations blossomed and blossomed. During the fall they tired and began to rest. By winter they slept soundly and together awaited their awakening in the spring.

There is no way to de...scribe this garden other than to say that with each passing of ALL the seasons, this garden became more beautiful and more magnificent.

Together all the trees and flowers were ONE. All felt a collective joy in the Magnificent Garden Of LOVE. This was the desire of our DIVINE One and this was the way it was when time was infinite.

But then one spring something strange happened. An oak tree awoke too soon. He began to feel as if he were alone. He became very angry at the trees and flowers that still slept. And so as others awakened, he watched but he did not greet them. This oak tree began to think of himself as better, bigger and separate. By summer when ALL was in full bloom and the garden became magnificent he said in a very loud voice, "I am bigger and stronger than all of you. Look carefully at my leaves blowing in the wind for I am the true beauty of this garden."

And ALL were amazed and curious. Imagine, it was the first time they realized that they were not the same. For a moment it was quiet and then came the rustling of a rose bush. She said, " I am red and more beautiful!"

A sunflower replied, "Yes, but I am yellow with a brown center and my petals are pristine."

Then a pear tree spoke, "I am tall with green leaves and I bear sweet fruit!"

Not to be outdone, the cherry tree whistled in the wind, "How can you be sweeter than me? I have thousands of beautiful cherries that can be eaten!"

This conversation went on and on throughout the Magnificent Garden Of LOVE. And so separation began.

Our DIVINE One became unhappy and sent away the sun and the wind and the water and the moon and the stars. All the flowers and trees went into a deep sleep. They slept for years and years and while they slept, our DIVINE One spoke many times and explained that ALL Were The Same Magnificent Garden Of LOVE.

After a very long time, the sun and the wind and the water and the moon and the stars returned. Then one sunny spring day just as before, the oak tree awoke. He realized that he was first but this time in a joyful voice he called out to his brothers and sisters. And then one by one the trees and flowers awoke and felt collective joy. Once again, they All became A Magnificent Garden Of LOVE.

It is important for us to remember that we are no different than the flowers and trees. Before we are born, a special seed is placed within our bodies. This seed is so precious and so infinitely beautiful that it twinkles like a star. We call this seed a heart and through this heart we are able to express joy.

Sometimes this joy feels like the warmth of the sun together with a gentle wind that caresses our bodies. And when this sun and wind are nurtured with water, this seed grows and blossoms. Many different people are created. We call this nurturing LOVE. Over time we have felt this LOVE and learned that it was safe. So safe that like the flowers and trees, we have grown and grown, and blossomed and blossomed.

Our hearts are simply particles of our DIVINE Heart. Together with other sentient beings, we too have the Ability to Become A Magnificent Garden Of LOVE that encompasses this planet we call Earth. Please let US remember to nurture and support eachother. Let us remember our ONENESS. 
Happy Thanksgiving Every Day!


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