Thursday, December 26, 2013

Celebrating Kwanzaa---Day 1, Umoja Means Unity

Becoming Good Stewards...

Please Offer a prayer of hope for your children's children,
 and the seven generations of children who will come after them.

Even today, children sing the songs of Bob Marley
and call for a Loving Peace.

Breathe Deeply and open your Tender Hearts in prayer.

For the Children---May we honor Our Earth
and forego our violent thoughts or selfish actions
 as we work together in every community
 to build new bridges of compassion and joy.

 May the many generations of children to come be nurtured,
and able to live in a prosperous world where
love and respect bring total harmony to Earth.
Umoja Means Unity!

Breathe and feel the hope for peace
in every heart across the Uni-Verse.

 For ever child we know and those yet to be born---
May we all work together and learn to become
Good Stewards of Love!

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