Friday, December 13, 2013

Prosperous Mountains of HOPE


Beyond the politics of corporations, governments, religions and who's who in the social hierarchy of communities, you will discover Prosperous Mountains of Hope;  hidden in every heart; but sometimes forgotten by people who live in fear.

Courage, Mercy, Truth and Respect live in these mountains-- with the desire only to be of service, and to build a World of Love.

For those seeking Peace, they offer the Wisdom of Collective Ancestors.  For those who are sick, Courage, Mercy, Truth and Respect show compassion and offer loving care.

For those who are sad, angry, or needing forgiveness, Courage, Mercy, Truth and Respect listen and offer unconditional Love.

 Love is like honey, it always helps to heal.

I am like an innocent child always believing that Prosperous Mountains of Hope lie hidden in every heart seeking to build a World of Love!

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