Sunday, December 29, 2013

Celebrating Kwanzaa---Day 5. Balance is Purpose/The Kwanzaa Principle of NIA.


Beloved Radiant Ones---

Some say there will be sorrow if you borrow tomorrow.

That is why I look always into the Heart of Today.

I Breathe In and Out Deeply 8 Times.

With each breath I ask for balance and total awareness of Love in this moment, Right Now. 

For me, this is My Purpose.  In Swahili, NIA means Purpose.

My Purpose is to move forward into time's loop of eternity;  knowing that the imprint of Eternal Love can heal every moment of yesterday's sorrow Now.

Through our forgiveness and a willingness to Love More, we pave the way for More Joy Today and Tomorrow.

 NIA...My Purpose,  is to Love More!

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