Sunday, December 29, 2013

Celebrating Kwanzaa Day 4--- Honoring Ujamaa, the Swahili word for Cooperative Economics!

That Which I Desire....

Beloved Radiant Ones---

How will I navigate and learn to swim if I am fearful of water? 

Learning to swim is like trusting that Love

can help me let go of my fear of  all the Fish
navigating the Waters of Hope.

I Breathe Deeply Seven Times.
With gratitude, commitment and trust,
 I  step into the Waters of Hope.

The whispers of Love beckon me to imagine myself
as a dolphin-- joyful, playful;  kind and loving.

Today, honoring Ujamaa, the Swahili word

for Cooperative Economics I open my heart
with gratitude and trust. 

I make a commitment to offer my Love
to the many fish swimming,
and also learning to navigate the Waters of Hope! 

That which I Desire of Love,  I Must Give in Love.

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