Friday, December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela---We Honor Your Golden Threads of Love!


I am not saddened by Ascension
of Tata Madiba
for he, Nelson Mandela
will always Live in My Heart.

His Love Songs and stories of Hope
are imprinted in My Soul
like those of Other Ascended Masters of Grace
that live on into Eternity.

His prolific Vision, his compassionate
acts of forgiveness, humility and kindness
are the golden threads of Love
he offered graciously.

Let us continue to spin and weave
these golden threads into a more
Loving World for Our Children
many generations to come.

If I am at all saddened,
then it is only my disappointment
that we collectively have not
honored our Loving Potential
through the Grace and teachings
of Nelson Mandela.

As a gardener of Life
he has taught us humility,
compassion and the power of
respecting one another.

He believed that by honoring
our connection to the Earth-Heart
we could provide food for the World
and help heal our wounded souls.

He challenges us to believe in and work
for justice for all of Humanity.
And still we fight and kill each other
with greed, and hatred and disrespect
looming in our hearts.

I am not saddened by His Ascension
for Nelson Mandela lived a long life
and his body was frail and weak.

Instead I celebrate his Long Journey
into Love and Tata Madiba
as an Awakened Spirit.

I am hopeful that his leaving this Earth Realm
will help us to re-member that there is
much work to do if we are to
Respect, Forgive, Care For, Honor and
Love One Another
beyond hatred, greed, war and suffering.

In Honor of Nelson Mandela
and Every Ascended Loving Spirit,
I pray that we will continue to
take down the walls of classism,
racism and hate.

Let us become more invigorated to build by
sharing resources and nurturing our children
and educating them with Love
so that we come to know Peace in Our Hearts.

Let us pray that we are able to collectively
work every day to create a more Compassionate,
Sustainable World where We All Live
in Harmony, Prosperity and Peace.

Nelson Mandela We Re-Member and Honor
Your Golden Threads of Love!


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