Monday, December 30, 2013

Celebrating Kwanzaa Day 6---Let Us Honor and Embrace KUUMBA--a Swahili term that allows us to Nurture Creative, Cooperative Love!

Beloved Radiant Ones--

In Gratitude for the privilege of life, I give thanks to the Master Creator!  

Honoring the  Magnificence of Our Earth, I Breathe Deeply in and out 10 times.

Breathing with patience, I clear my mind of old fears and past failures as I gratefully accept lessons learned.

Because I believe true success is tied to our willingness to communicate, nurture and share our privilege through teamwork; I let go and prepare to move forward with Love.

In this New Year, I will use my creativity to stir the pot of Truth by offering my thoughts and visions of Humanity's potential to walk with Grace and Wisdom  through Love.

Again I breathe deeply, and honor the creativity, the power, the wisdom, and collective wealth present on Earth-Heart in this New Era.
I Pray that Many, Many Hearts Awaken so that Our Children and Our World Will Grow and Prosper in Healthy Safe Communities!
Today,  I Honor and Embrace KUUMBA-a Swahili term that allows us to nurture Creative, Cooperative Love!

Happy New Year!  Happy New Era of LOVE!!!

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