Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rains of Awareness


Through the Rains of Awareness, Gratitude fills my heart.  The only good way to move is Forward.  I Breathe Deeply Four Times In and Out.  I Breathe In Patience and Tenacity.  I Breathe Out Joy.  

I honor the Song of the Consistent Rain dancing on rooftops.  I Breathe In Gratitude and pay close attention to the details of my life through the Rains of Awareness.  I too must be consistent in my good efforts to live a life of Integrity.

Deeply I Breathe In with Gratitude. I Breathe Out JOY. 
Today I Honor the Rains of Awareness.  Moving Forward, I will walk with determination and allow my words and actions to be kind, loving and truthful. 

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