Thursday, December 12, 2013

Love Is Relentless


Love is relentless and determined.  It can be felt across the oceans of time and existence; or through a flower that brings a sweet fragrance of joy. 

Love lives in the tears of loss and suffering; and in every smile that opens a heart and offer moments of hopeful understanding. 

Love lives in the minuscule and the grande; it can be heard and felt even through the roar of confusion and bring harmony and balance to any day. 

Love is intuitive; travels with fluidity and answers every question; including  the ones you were afraid to ask. 

I Breathe Deeply Ten Times and empty my heart of judgment.  Only Love offers a good answer.  I walk throughout the day with Love. 

I walk and Breathe with patient, relentless hope and offer Loving Respect to all! 

I walk and Breathe.  Because my every thought, deed and action are aligned;  Love, determined and relentless Love brings the gift of balance and harmony into the day!      

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