Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wonder and JOY! Happy Holy Days!

Beloved Radiant Ones--

Within Me Lives All the times of Christmas Past;
 times filled with a questioning wonder and Joy.

 I remember celebrating the birth of the Christ Child
by singing and making gifts and cards with snowflakes;
decorating the tree with popcorn, tinsel and glass bulbs;
helping My Mom bake cookies; attending Mass;
visiting my Grandparents and Great-Grandparents;
playing with the cousins
and wondering why some people weren't happy.

 No matter how little or much we had,
My Mom always taught me to be kind
and share with Others;
 Be Joyful and to Pray for a World of Peace with Love!

Today I Breathe Deeply Six Times.

 As I remember Every Christmas Past,
I promise that I will Be Kind and Share with Others;
Walk with Wonder and Joy
and Pray for a World of Peace and Love!

 Please Join Me in Prayer!

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