Sunday, December 1, 2013

YOU Are A Miracle!


Breathe Deeply In and Out Ten Times.  Remember Why You Are Here! You are a Miracle; here to experience the beauty of Our Mother Earth; to sing with the birds, and learn from the trees as they share oxygen so you can breathe.

You are here like a caterpillar in order to grow and have the courage to transform into a beautiful butterfly that soars in gratitude.

You are here to offer your talent and gifts of compassion; just as the bee offers honey for healing.

You are here to befriend your world neighbors and to learn to live in Peace as you honor the oceans and rivers so that there is clean water to drink and nurture our Universal Sentient Family for Future Generations .

There are so very many good reasons why you are here!

You, Are A Miracle--- Here to Grow and Prosper With A Loving Heart!

Breathe Deeply and Give Thanks!  


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