Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Dream That Heals

My Beloveds,

Please join me in a collective prayer for peace.
Let us open our hearts with love, and flexibility.
Let us walk with patience, and understanding.

Allow us each to create peace within our hearts,
and to exude that peace externally.

Let us walk as a calming hot stream
and exude love’s warming vapors.

Loving spirits of the Uni-Verse,
help us learn to be of service to eachother.

Let our eyes, and hearts open with joy
to receive the miracles that manifest each day.

As the birds call us to dance, and laugh, and sing;
allow a new peace to move through each of us
so that we begin to heal our Earth=Heart.

Let us each acknowledge our gratitude
to our Blessed Divine Mother and Father.

Right now at this moment,
let us feel new gratitude
as our entire sentient family reflects Joy.

Let us each re-member that a part of you,
and part of me are forever interconnected
to a Universal Spirit.

Right now, let us see
and connect to the Divine in ALL.

Let our hearts tenderly wander
around the Uni-Verse exuding Love,
and healing those with broken spirits.

Together, let us manifest the beginning
of something new, gentle, humane and beautiful.

As we re-member that we are interconnected
heart to heart, we reflect only Love.
We release all fear.
We exude joy as a collective.

We become a rainbow of peace, service,
equanimity and Love.

This Is Our Dream. This Is Our Prayer.
And So It With Love.

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