Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sitting In the Silence of Love


Let us be Grateful for the opportunity to Stand With Our Loved Ones tenderly as they journey through all the Passages of Life.

Let us offer Our Hearts in Gratitude as we listen with compassion, and respond with kindness. 

Let us hold their hands or offer our gentle hugs of forgiveness. 

Let us show up when there is sickness or sorrow and allow our Loved Ones to rest in Dignity with our Love. 

Throughout life,  let us  share our gentle smiles, our laughter, and joy. 

And when there are no words---Look deeply into the eyes of Our Loved Ones with gratitude and say Thank You by sitting in the silence with ease and an illuminated Faith. 

Then, let your heart speak by offering only the Hope of Eternal, Everlasting Love. 

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