Saturday, March 8, 2014

Savor the Promise!


Day and Night promised to cherish eachother and honor the greatness of the Uni-Verse. They see eachother only at Dusk and at Dawn but the memory of their union grows and rests in the heart of the Sun and the Stars. All savor the promise and hope of each moment in time.

When we Lovingly keep our word, we too honor Love's Song. We savor the promise by offering our hearts and taking each breath in Love!

Breathe Deeply Four Times.  In Love. Out Love.

What promises have you have made in Love?   How do you cherish your promises and allow them to be fulfilled within the Heart and Hope of the Uni-Verse?

Again, Breathe Deeply Four Times.  In Love. Out Love.  Today Re-Member to Savor and Live Every Promise You Have Made in Love!

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