Saturday, March 8, 2014

Needing More!

My Beloveds,

Angels sang to me this morning and awakened me from a lovely slumber.

Today I pray for each beautiful sentient being throughout the Universe. I visualize us enveloped in a world of peace, with equanimity, and joy.

Still, my heart cries at our need for violence,
at our rationale for killing, at our thoughts of the inevitability of war, and economic collapse.

Painfully I address the lack of equity, opportunity,
literacy and safety for those in the United States,
and extend my thoughts globally.

There is no reason or need for poverty of mind,

body or spirit other than the desire for a few to have MORE.

More money, more land, more stocks. MORE.

Though I am grateful for each of my blessings,
today I too am asking for MORE.

My more is in direct relation to a desire for equity for all people,the sustainability of our Earth, and the healing of all disease.

My more is hope, joy, compassion, and understanding.

My more is a world filled with conscience intention and Love.

My more is a request to ask that we honor our seniors, share them with our precious children and provide them with the best of ourselves.

MORE. My more is a dream of humility, respect and diplomacy
as we learn to interact with eachother heart to heart.

MORE. My more is for us to vision and create a World of Cooperation where we allow others the dignity of returning to their homelands instead of creating political obstacles to peace.

Yes today my heart sings a melody of more.

More understanding, more compassion, more willingness to share the fruits of our labor.

I believe our potential of greatness.
I believe in a society that says right NOW
let’s redefine our commitment to eachother.

Please, let us remember the voice of the Great Spirit. Let us ask more of ourselves as we meet eachother in Grace, and walk side by side, heart to heart.

Let us have more listening, more kindness, more truth, more hope and more faith as we embrace the Divine in each of us.

This Is My Request of MORE!

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