Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Review From Amazon for the Book---Seeker Dreamer Amazing Brilliant Compassionate YOU!!!!

"Brilliantly designed workbook for bringing spiritual grounding into daily life"., March 15, 2014

"Melony McGant is an enthusiastic motivator when it comes to elevating the spirit to it's highest potential. The workbook offers practical applications for daily meditation that ground readers in the present moment while providing tools that will help the spirit soar on a wonderful journey to fulfilling their dreams.

Seeker Dreamer is a most valuable resource as it reminds us to breathe, love without limits, live without fears and limitations, trust, have faith, forgive, be grateful, and simply just BE.

Readers of this this brilliantly crafted workbook are encouraged to put their best selves forward while becoming a source of great inspiration to their peers.

I recommend this book to anyone embarking on a a journey of self discovery as it is mind opening and spirit expanding.

Readers will certainly become empowered by the wisdom contained within." <3----K. Mueller

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